Таврійський християнський інститут

About TCI

TCI, a higher education institution rooted in the evangelical tradition, is dedicated to preparing skilled ministers committed to advancing the Kingdom of God.
TCI’s Mission: as an educational body serving Christians of evangelical faith, TCI aims to equip capable and spiritually mature Christian ministers for Ukraine and other countries. These ministers are trained to address the needs of both church and society, bridging the spiritual and social spheres.
Founded in August 1997, TCI embarked on its international outreach in 2000, presently active in five additional countries. TCI held full membership status in the Euro-Asian Accreditation Association (EAAA) from 1999 to 2022.

In a milestone achievement for Evangelical Christians in Ukraine, TCI was granted a state license in May 2019, marking the inaugural licensing of a higher education institution for Theology training. TCI offers Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees, certificate programs, and conducts a Bachelor’s program in Theology online.
Today, TCI fosters an inclusive learning environment, educating students from five different denominations, emblematic of interdenominational collaboration within Ukraine’s Christian community.
Formerly based in Kherson, TCI played a pivotal role in training numerous young Christians across Southern Ukraine, preparing pastors, church workers, missionaries, and church planters. Notably, TCI housed a vast Christian literature collection, boasting over 30,000 volumes, serving as a resource hub in the region.
However, on March 10, 2022, TCI’s property was seized by Russian troops, resulting in the destruction of all five buildings and the loss of crucial assets like offices, library, cafeteria, and dormitories. Consequently, TCI relocated to Ivano-Frankivsk, where it not only resumed training students but also embraced humanitarian efforts, providing aid to IDPs and war-torn communities by distributing food, medical supplies, and facilitating evacuations.
Despite the adversity, TCI has witnessed an influx of new students at its temporary Ivano-Frankivsk campus. Committed to its mission, TCI aims to shift to a more strategic location in the Kyiv area, seeking to better serve a broader Christian community from a centralized location.